Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot

This medium-sized parrot with the extensive label is one of one of the most well-known family pet species of the Amazon parrot team, with the help of its own striking colour and its own unparalleled mimicry ability. The dual yellow-headed Amazon parrot can easily even know to simulate opera vocal, which may be why it has actually been actually a well-known animal considering that the 1500s.

Variety Overview
COMMON NAME: Double yellow-headed Amazon parrot, yellow-headed parrot, yellow-headed Amazon

TAXONOMIC NAME: Amazona oratrix

GROWNUP SIZE: From 15 to 17 ins, among the much larger parrot selections

LONGEVITY: 60 years old typically; some may reside 80 years or even additional under best states

Source and History

Native to Mexico and Central and also South America, this parrot’s unprocessed habitat is woodlands as well as hardwoods near water. Habitation devastation and capturing for the pet profession have actually gravely traded off the varieties of the double yellow-headed Amazon parrot in bush; just a couple of 1000 wild birds stay.

The International Association of Preservation of Nature and also Natural Resources classifies this bird as a risked species. International negotiations currently make it unlawful to catch, transport, or even personal wild-caught birds. Captive-bred birds could be lawfully sold and owned, though documents is needed.

A couple of introduced wild groups of dual yellow-headed Amazon parrots live in varied locations, consisting of Stuttgart, Germany, as well as several locations in southerly California.


When hand-fed from a young grow older, these birds could be caring pets. They’re intelligent, have exceptional “speaking” potential, as well as they love to become the center of attention. Issues might develop when a proprietor is disinclined or incapable to offer the parrot the attention it demands.

Like a lot of parrots, double yellow-headed Amazons might experience a hormonal bluffing phase as they come close to sex-related maturity (grow older 4 months to 1 year). They can easily become aggressive and may lunge and bite at people during this stage. The bluffing actions can last for several months (as well as often as much as two years). If you have small children that are going to be actually interacting along with the bird, it might be far better to opt for a various species if you consider to receive a teenage or even youthful parrot.

The dual yellow-headed Amazon often tends to connection with one labelled relative. You may avoid this by making certain that several relative deal with the bird consistently, specifically when it is youthful. Hand-feeding by all loved one will certainly lower the bird’s possibility to bond along with just one person.

Speech and also Vocalizations

This species is actually the most ideal copy of all the Amazon parrots and is second only to the African grey parrot in its own ability to know words and phrases.

It is actually likewise a raucous, loud bird, prone to yelling sessions twice a time, at dawn and sundown. These loud vocalizations are actually ordinary for this species. Howling can easily come to be a concern if the bird screams all day long, which may happen if the bird is actually bored due to an absence of interest or even mental stimulation.

Dual Yellow-Headed Amazon Colors and also Markings

As its own name recommends, this bird has a yellow head; the rest of its own body is environment-friendly. In youthful birds, the scalp features some dim grey, yet steadily, the top ends up being progressively more yellowish with each molt. The adult head colour performs certainly not completely specified in up until the bird is at the very least 6 years old.

Males as well as women look the exact same. To tell them apart, your bird is going to need to have hereditary testing or even surgical sexing operation.

Caring for the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon

The double yellow-headed Amazon is actually a fit bird that likes to scramble around its own offered place, as well as it really loves to fly if there is adequate area. Offer your bird the biggest crate that is actually efficient and also fill it with playthings.

See to it to supply this bird along with playthings that could be joyfully torn apart, such as products helped make coming from wood, natural leather, as well as acrylic. An obliterated plaything amounts to effectiveness to a bird; it is actually fulfilling to them. Without adequate playthings to scrap, this bird may set its own sights on furniture as well as various other belongings. Challenging toys are actually a should for this bird: an uninterested dual yellow-headed Amazon is going to swiftly become a harmful one.

All Amazon parrots grow on social interaction, and also they require it to stay healthy and also happy. Neglected birds can become clinically depressed and destructive, which may reveal on its own in different physical and emotional complications.

Common Health Issues

Amazon birds are actually generally healthy, long-lived birds, yet they lean to numerous ailments:

Polyomavirus, a popular infection that may create anorexia nervosa as well as weight management
Chlamydiosis, a microbial contamination that presents along with fluffed plumes and also nasal discharge
Nutritional insufficiencies (vitamin A) or even excessive weight; a well balanced diet plan as well as normal exercise can maintain this in examination.

Diet plan and also Nutrition

Amazon parrots eat an assortment of seeds, nuts, fruit products, berries, as well as flora in the wild. In bondage, a dual yellow-headed requirements a top notch pelleted diet plan supplemented along with seed mix and also regular portions of fresh bird-safe vegetables and fruits. A different diet will aid make sure that your bird is obtaining the balanced nourishment it needs to have.

Feed about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of pelleted food as well as 1/3 to 1/2 cup of clean vegetables and fruits daily. A raw as well as varied diet regimen is going to assist make sure that your bird preserves leading nutrition.

Make certain the bird is actually delivered meals higher in vitamin A; this bird is prone to shortage. Calcium mineral is also vital for the double yellow-headed Amazon parrot.


Amazon parrots lean to excess weight increase, so they must be permitted regular physical exercise. To appropriately look after a dual yellow-headed parrot, you should be able to give it a minimum of 3 to 4 hours of closely watched outside-of-cage opportunity each day. Like any species, frequent physical exercise is going to enable the bird to get rid of excess fats and also extend its muscles; it likewise gives important mental excitement.

Where to Use or Get a Dual Yellow-Headed Amazon

If you’re interested in owning a double yellow-headed, get in touch with local bird breeders to see if you can book a see with all of them as well as their birds. It’s unlikely you’ll manage to find a well-balanced (and genuine) dual yellow-headed Amazon at most dog establishments. If you can understand the bird a little bit of prior to taking it home, you’ll obtain a little bit of knowledge right into whether it are going to be a good fit for your way of living.

Prior to buying a double yellow-headed from a bird shop or even dog breeder, check pet shelters and also saving associations. They can easily set you back from $2,000 to $3,000 from a dog breeder. Internet sources can aim you in the ideal direction of dog breeders or saves:

  • Bird Breeders
  • Birds Currently
  • Embrace a Pet dog

If purchasing by means of a dog breeder, make certain you speak with the breeder, look at the overall wellness of their birds, check out their lifestyle circumstances, as well as consult with past consumers. Indicators you should stay clear of the dog breeder include cramped living disorders, inactive birds, and also dog breeders that prevent your concerns or perform certainly not seem to have much info on their birds.

Shrieking can easily end up being a complication if the bird screams all day long, which can easily happen if the bird is bored due to a shortage of focus or mental excitement.

The double yellow-headed Amazon is actually a sporty bird that suches as to struggle around its own provided location, and also it really loves to soar if there is enough room. Testing toys are actually a needs to for this bird: a bored double yellow-headed will swiftly end up being a destructive one.

If you’re intrigued in possessing a dual yellow-headed Amazon, call local area bird dog breeders to see if you can book a go to along with all of them and also their birds. Just before purchasing a dual yellow-headed coming from a bird outlet or breeder, check creature shelters and also saving organizations.

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